Diono Radian RXT Vs. Britax Advocate 70 – Which is Best?

Diono Radian RXT Vs. Britax Advocate 70 CSIf you’re looking for a convertible car seat that follows IIHS’s (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) Car Seat Recommendations, then you might get stuck between these two.

By comparison, the Britax Advocate and the Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seats have very little in common. Both can be used rear-facing up to at least 40 pounds, and then forward-facing and harnessed up to at least 70 pounds. Both the Britax Advocate and the Diono Radian RXT offer seat belt and LATCH installation, as well as seat recline. Aside from that, they are two very different convertible car seats.


First of all, the Diono Radian RXT is not just a convertible car seat, it also converts into a booster seat that goes all the way up to 120 pounds, therefore giving you many more years of use. The Britax Advocate can only be used up to 70 pounds in the forward-facing harnessed position. So if the Diono Radian RXT can be used for so much longer, why is the Britax Advocate more expensive?

Diono Radian RXT Vs Britax Advocate 70 G3

Britax Advocate 70 G3 @ Amazon for $276.98

Britax is the leader in car seat safety, therefore the Britax Advocate comes equipped with the newest and safest technologies available. For instance, the Britax Advocate offers SafeCell Technology which is an engineered structure found under the seat that is designed to compress in the event of a crash, lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the car seat.

In addition the Britax Advocate also offers Integrated Steel bars that reinforce the connection between seat and vehicle, as well as an energy-absorbing versa-tether that attaches the top of the seat to the back of the vehicle.

Then there’s the True Side Impact Protection which consists of an energy-absorbing foam head rest and deep energy-absorbing foam side walls. And last but not least, the Britax Advocate also comes equipped with the newest safety feature, Side Impact Cushion Technology. These are basically two big energy-absorbing cushions placed on the exterior sides of the car seat that reduce side impact crash energy by an additional 45%, and provide a little bonus protection for any adjacent passengers.

REVISION: There is now a new Britax Advocate 70 G3 (pictured above) available. It has all the same safety features listed above, as well as new HUGS chest pads with SafeCell Technology, and an EZ-Buckle, which basically keeps the harness buckle in a forward position so you don’t have to dig for it.

Diono Radian RXT Vs. Britax Advocate

Diono Radian RXT @ Amazon for $271.99

The Diono Radian RXT may not have all the safety features that the Britax Advocate has, but it does offer a steel alloy frame with reinforced aluminum sides, and energy-absorbing foam lining all around. It also comes equipped with a comfortable memory foam seat pad and a Safestop energy-absorbing harness system. It has also been rigorously crash tested, including the NCAP tests which are Europe’s official side impact tests.

The only other difference is price. As noted above, the Britax Advocate 70 G3 is more expensive. It lists for $379.99, and the Diono Radian RXT lists for $339.99, $4o dollars less.


Diono Radian RXT

If you’re looking for a convertible car seat that also converts to a booster seat, offers plenty of protection, and is incredibly comfortable, then the Diono Radian RXT is perfect for you. It’s less expensive, offers a 10 year life span so it lasts longer, and it comes with a cup holder. You’d have to pay extra for a cup holder with the Britax.  You can get the Diono Radian RXT at Amazon for $271.99, 20% OFF!

Britax Advocate 70 G3

If safety is your number one priority when it comes to choosing a convertible car seat, then the Britax Advocate 70 G3 is at the top of the list. It offers the MOST safety features out of all the convertible car seats on the market. You can get the Britax Advocate at Amazon for $276.98, 27% OFF!

For more information on either convertible car seat, check out the full in-depth reviews listed below.


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