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Venturi Scrubber : Adjustable Throat Venturi

Posted on 10 March, 2019 by Greta
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thebestcarseatsreviews.com -  Adjustable Throat Venturi Venturi Scrubber: Adjustable Throats. Venturi scrubbers are used for the removal of fine particulate. Gas is accelerated at a high speed through a Venturi throat. Water is injected perpendicular to the gas flow. The large water drops injected into the gas stream collide with the fine particulate through a process called impaction.Adjustable throat venturi. Adjustable Throat Venturi, Model VTV In many industrial and manufacturing applications, the gas flow rate varies. With a fixed throat opening, the velocity of the gas through the Venturi varies with flow rate, altering pressure drop and impacting performance.Adjustable area venturi valves. Adjustable area venturi valves can be calibrated to ±1/2% traceable to NIST, establishing a CdA vs. valve position relationship. This data can then be used to predict flow of any fluid at any given inlet pressure. A less expensive calibration to ±2% is also available.

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Venturi scrubber. Results of these findings led to the development of the annular-orifice, or adjustable-throat, venturi scrubber (Figure 5). The size of the throat area is varied by moving a plunger, or adjustable disk, up or down in the throat, thereby decreasing or increasing the annular opening.Adjustable Throat Venturi scrubber. It is an object of the present invention to provide an improved adjustable throat venturi scrubber. Another object is to provide an adjustable throat venturi scrubber in which the adjustment in the throat dimension for changes in gas flow rate may be more accurately and rapidly made.

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