Britax Pinnacle 90 Vs. Frontier 90 Vs. Pioneer 70

Britax Frontier 90 - Desert Palm

Britax Frontier 90 – Desert Palm

You may have heard, Britax now offers more than one Combination Harness to Booster Seat. In the past, the Britax Frontier 85 was the one and only, however now, not only has the Frontier 85 undergone a face lift, but two new seats are now included in the line-up.


Britax Pinnacle 90

Britax Frontier 90 (the new Frontier 85)

Britax Pioneer 70


Britax Pinnacle 90 Vs. Britax Frontier 90

These two seats are basically identical, the only difference between the two are the Side Impact Cushions included on the Pinnacle 90.

Britax Pinnacle 90 - Cityscape

Britax Pinnacle 90 – Cityscape

These cushions are energy absorbing, designed to divert crash forces away from your child, and provide extra protection for adjacent passengers. Keep in mind, these cushions do take up a tad bit more space in the vehicle. In fact, the width difference between the two is about 3.5 inches. Aside from that, there is no difference.

Both the Britax Pinnacle 90 and the Frontier 90 offer the new ClickTight Installation System as well. This system allows you to secure the seat easily, and tightly using the vehicles seat belt. This system was put in place mainly because of the high weight limit in harness mode. Even though both seats offer latch installation, most vehicles top out with a latch limit of around 40 pounds, therefore if you’re using the harness mode up to 90 pounds, you have to default back to using the seat belts for installation.

Britax Pioneer 70 Vs. Britax Frontier 90

These two seats offer many of the same features, however, the Pioneer only goes up to 70 pounds in harness mode and 110 pounds in booster mode. That’s about 10 pounds less than the Frontier 90 in booster mode and 20 pounds less in harness mode.

Britax Pioneer 70 - Kiwi

Britax Pioneer 70 – Kiwi

Aside from the obvious weight difference, the Britax Pioneer 70 is also missing a few safety features included on the Britax Frontier 90 and the Pinnacle. For example, the Pioneer does not offer the new ClickTight Installation System, nor does it offer the HUGS chest pads, which are designed to provide extra resistance to forward movement in the event of a crash. Aside from that, the only other difference is the height limit and harness height positions. The Britax Frontier 90 and the Pinnacle both go up to 58 inches in harness mode, and 62 inches in booster mode. They also offer 9 harness height positions. The Pioneer 70 goes up to 54 inches in harness mode, and 59 inches in booster mode with only 7 harness height adjustments.

The only other difference between these three combination harness to booster seats, is the price.

Britax Pinnacle 90 – MSRP $369.99 – at Amazon for $296.00

Britax Frontier 90 – MSRP $329.99 – at Amazon for $264.00

Britax Pioneer 70 – MSRP $229.99 – at Amazon for $184.00


Lets recap. Differences and Similarities:

Britax Pinnacle 90  Britax Frontier 90
Britax Pioneer 90
Harness weight – 90 lbsHarness weight – 90 lbsHarness weight – 70 lbs
Booster weight – 120 lbs
Booster weight – 120 lbs
Booster weight – 110 lbs
ClickTight Installation
ClickTight Installation
MSRP $229.99
HUGS Chest Pads
HUGS Chest Pads
Side Impact Cushions
MSRP $329.99
MSRP $369.99


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