Britax Chaperone Vs. Britax B-Safe – Best Infant Car Seat

When it comes to finding the best infant car seat, chances are you’ll end up comparing the Britax B-Safe and the Britax Chaperone. Britax is the leader in car seat safety, so it’s no surprise that two of their infant car seats have ended up on the TOP 5 list for safest and best infant car seats.Britax Chaperone Vs. Britax B-Safe

Britax Chaperone Vs. Britax B-Safe – Similarities:

Both Britax infant car seats offer Side Impact Protection, which consists of a rigid shell, and deep side walls.

Both also offer energy-absorbing foam liner throughout the seat, including the side’s for additional protection.

Both the Britax B-Safe and the Britax Chaperone also offer tangle-free 5 point harnesses with front adjust, removable shoulder pads and belly pads, and large multi-position canopies. They both also offer ergonomic carry-handles for comfort.

Both are also extremely easy to install, offering latch connectors, built-in seat belt lock-offs, and easy-to-read level indicators. The bases can be easily adjusted to different angles as well.

Both also have a minimum weight recommendation of 4 pounds and a maximum weight recommendation of 30 pounds and 32″ tall.

Britax Chaperone Vs. Britax B-Safe – Differences:

Britax Chaperone Anti-Rebound Bar

Britax Chaperone – Anti-Rebound Bar

So, what’s the difference? First of all, the Britax Chaperone offers a couple more safety features, like the anti-rebound bar which is designed to minimize crash forces that can rotate the seat during impact, and the extra foam head restraint that adds an additional layer of energy-absorbing foam to protect the head, neck, and spine.

The Britax Chaperone also offers a convenient quick-adjust harness. This means that you use an adjuster found on the back of the seat to reposition the harness shoulder height, instead of having to pull the whole car seat apart and re-thread the straps.

Plus, the Chaperone offers 7 different harness heights, along with 2 buckle positions.

The Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat also offers 2 buckle positions, but with only 4 different harness heights, the smallest of which being perfect for a baby with a lower birth weight. Although the Britax Chaperone can also be used with smaller babies, you must use a foam infant insert to lift the baby up so he/she will be in the right position for the lowest harness height setting. This foam insert does come with it, so at least you don’t have to purchase it separately.

The Britax B-Safe also offers a removable infant insert with head support, it just doesn’t have the energy-absorbing foam that the Chaperone has.

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat

Now, with all these added safety features, the Britax Chaperone weighs about 3.5 pounds more, but only if you include the base. Without the base, the two seats weigh pretty close to the same.

The Britax Chaperone does take up quite a bit more space though. It’s only about 1 inch wider, but it’s 2 inches taller, and about 3 inches longer, so keep that in mind if you’re worried about space.

The only other difference between these two infant car seats is price. The Britax B-Safe lists for $179.99, and the Britax Chaperone lists for $229.99. So far, the best sale prices seem to be on Amazon. Check out the sale prices listed below, but keep in mind that these sale prices are subject to change daily, so click through to Amazon get today’s most current sale prices.

Amazon Sale Prices

Britax B-Safe – Price $179.99 on SALE for $134.99 – 25% OFF

Britax Chaperone – Price $229.99 on SALE for $170.77 – 26% OFF

If you’re still undecided, check out the full reviews listed below, including a full list of features, the Good & the Bad, video demo’s, and customer feedback.

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat Review & Video Demo

Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat Review


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