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Britax B-Safe Review Rating: 122/143 = 85%
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The Britax B-Safe is the most popular infant car seat in the Britax line-up. However, that’s not saying much considering that they only offer two. Well I guess three if you include the newly designed BOB Infant Car Seat, which is basically a B-Safe made to match their new line of BOB Strollers.

The Britax B-Safe is the newest model. This seems to confuse most people, including me, mainly because the Chaperone, which was the first, is kind of like the B-Safe on steroids. It’s absolutely loaded with safety features. So it would seem that after coming out with the Britax Chaperone, they decided to tone it down a bit, and that’s where the Britax B-Safe came from.

I could bore you with a full description of all the safety features and convenience features, but I won’t. Instead I’d like to take this time to tell you what you really need to know, and give you a quick summary of what you can expect in my review below.


  • Rear-facing only car seat
  • You can use it from 4 pounds up to 30 pounds and 32″ tall
  • Tangle-free 5-point child safety harness with FRONT ADJUST!
  • 4 Harness height adjustments and 2 buckle positions
  • Removable comfort pillow, aka infant insert, with head support
  • Removable shoulder pads and bell pad
  • Large multi-position canopy
  • Ergonomic Handle – FYI, It’s not the Z handle, but it’s still comfortable
  • Adjustable base – You get 5 different angles, which is important because not every back seat is the same
  • Easy-to-read level indicators – An important part of installation
  • LATCH Installation with a push-button release – Super Easy!
  • Seat Belt Installation with built-in seat belt lock-off – No need to use those annoying little locking clips!
  • CLICK-AND-GO adapter system – Compatible with all B-Series Strollers
  • Measurements: 17.5W x 15.5H x 27.5D
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds (just the car seat)

Safety Features:

  • Side Impact Protection- Rigid shell and deep side walls
  • Energy-Absorbing Foam in the side walls, and under the seat. Basically, it’s everywhere!

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat Review:

Britax B-Safe  Infant Car Seat Review- Mom and Child You can use the Britax B-Safe up to 30 pounds, which is not the highest, but if you account for the maximum height limit of 32″, it’s the most that you can get. Other car seats, like the Graco Snugride, offer a 35 pound max weight with no additional height, so in other words, your child will outgrow the seat height before the weight limit. Not with the Britax B-Safe. The height and weight limits come out to be pretty even.

That brings me to my next thought. The Britax B-Safe is a decent size. In other words, it’s not as big as the Chaperone, but it still takes up a decent amount of space.  If you have a compact car, chances are the Britax B-Safe will not fit. If you have a mid-sized car, you’re probably safe. The measurements are 17.5W x 15.5H x 27.5D. So if you have any doubt, measure your back seat. Keep in mind that if you do have to recline the seat back to get the right angle, it’s going to take up more space. After reading through most of the reviews I found that a few people with smaller to mid-sized vehicles ended up having to move the passenger seat forward to make room.

The Britax B-Safe is not the lightest car seat on the block. It weighs 9.8 pounds. So ya, it’s heavy, but keep in mind that it also goes up to 30 pounds. Compared to other car seats that also offer the higher maximum weight limit, it’s average. The Chaperone weighs the most, at 10 pounds, and the Chicco Keyfit 30 weighs the least, at 9.4 pounds.

The Britax B-Safe is easy to install, but if you’re using the seat belt lock-offs, be prepared to use some force. You really have to push it down to get it to lock, almost to the point of feeling like you’re going to break it. On the plus side, at least you know it’s secure.  The LATCH installation is simple and the push-button release makes it even simpler.

BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seat

BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seat @ REI

The canopy is extremely generous, which is a huge plus if you plan on using it outside while it’s attached to your B-Series stroller. That brings me to my next thought. If you’d like a travel system, the Britax B-Safe works with all the B-Series strollers, like the B-Agile Stroller and the B-Ready Stroller, and you don’t have to purchase an additional adapter first. If you happen to have a BOB Stroller you can always get yourself a BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seat, which is basically the same thing as the B-Safe only it comes in different colors made to match your stroller. Either way, you still have to purchase the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter.

Customer Feedback

As far as customer reviews go, the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat did really well. With 25 out of 30 reviewers rating it 4 to 5 stars with a max of 5, that’s an 83% customer satisfaction rating. The most loved features were:

Britax B-Safe Review  - Britax B-Agile Stroller with Britax B-Safe Attached

Britax B-Agile Stroller At Amazon

  • Safety, Safety, Safety!
  • 30 pound weight limit
  • Easy installation
  • Wipe clean fabric
  • Generous canopy
  • Infant insert with padded head rest
  • Front adjust
  • Stroller compatibility


As for complaints, there were a few. One of the biggest was regarding the seat belt lock-off on the Britax B-Safe. As I said above, it takes quite a bit of force to lock it down, and several of the reviewers complained about it being too stiff to open as well.

Another common complaint was regarding the seat fabric. Although it is extremely easy to wipe clean, it’s not breathable. This is pretty much par for the course with most infant car seats, especially if you have a little one that runs warmer than most, like my daughter.

Also, the harness straps on the Britax B-Safe are somewhat thin and slippery, which is supposed to make it easier to slide the buckles up or down, however, a few reviewers had some issues with them getting tangled up. It think thicker straps would have prevented this.

Britax B-Safe  Infant Car Seat Review - Red

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat – Red

A few reviewers also complained about the handle. The Britax B-Safe offers an ergonomic handle, but it’s not Z shaped, like some other infant car seats on the market. I guess this really isn’t a complaint so much as it is a suggestion. Yes, the Z handle would have been a nice addition, but in all honesty, you really shouldn’t be lugging the car seat around for long periods of time, because as I said above, it’s really heavy. Get a stroller instead, it’s healthier for your back.

Last but not least, and this one always surprises me, there were quite a few complaints regarding the missing shopping cart slot. It’s missing for a reason! Britax, along with several other car seat manufacturers, has decided that it is not safe to attach a car seat to the top of a shopping cart. Although it is extremely convenient, I would have to agree. I actually had someone run into me once when I was at Walmart. My daughter was in her car seat on top of the shopping cart. I thought it was stable enough, however I quickly learned that it was NOT! No, she didn’t go crashing to the ground, luckily my quick “Mommy Reflexes” came into play and I caught her before she tipped. I now understand why this feature is no longer available on newer car seats, it’s NOT SAFE!


All in all, the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat is an EXCELLENT choice, as long as you can fit it in your car. I really am a huge fan of all the Britax Car Seats. They take safety to the next level, without jeopardizing comfort or convenience. And with an 83% customer satisfaction rating, I’d have to say that the Britax B-Safe comes highly recommended!

Where to Buy:

If you’re still undecided, check out the video demo below for a detailed comparison between the Britax B-Safe and the Britax Chaperone.

Or read through some of the customer feedback on Amazon.

Video Demonstration:


This comparison is extremely detailed, so if any of you are stuck between the Britax Chaperone and Britax B-Safe, you should definitely watch this video.

Get the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat @ Amazon – BEST Price!

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